nicole (nicoleisevil) wrote in let_er_rip,

winning never tasted soo good

The form

Your name: Nicole
Your Layout Theme ?: the graphic is a picture of me and pictures of my friends, so I guess the theme is people I know? lol I don't know..
Best viewed in: 1024x768
where did you find us?: my friend's journal, alwaysmistaken
What is the best thing about your layout?: eak...I don't know...I like my mood thingies...'cause..they're
what could you change about your layout?: well, if I hadn't lost access to my paid features, I'd go back and make the borders into solid lines instead of dashed ones because they don't look good like that. I good do it in overrides, but I'm just going to wait until I get money to restore my paid status..
any other comments?:
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Don't worry about the dashed lines; I was so busy checking out your background (which is really well done) that I had to go back to see that the lines were, in fact, dashed.
Heh, thanks!!