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This is not your ordinary rating community

There's No Such Thing As Secrets

let er rip
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All Members , Moderated

First 10 people get in!

you must fill out the form below.

you must get voted on by the people in the community.

You must be active

if you get more yes then no's then you are in.

please be kind to the people in the community.

Please Do not talk like DiS It IS AnnOYing!

Post the form in a Entry

Respect the judges answers! If you get a no Get used to it its not the end of the world you my try again with in a week.

To know that you read the rules put winning never tasted soo good So I know you have read them.

The form

Your name:
Your Layout Theme ?:
Best viewed in:
where did you find us?:
What is the best thing about your layout?:
what could you change about your layout?:
any other comments?:


Not Made yet.